Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Little Rusty

The "No More Winter Whining" post I did on Sunday led me to this wonderful photo at Family Trees May Contain Nuts.  I left a comment how nice the picture is and mentioned it would make a cool painting.  The blog "proprietress" said, "Go ahead."  So I dusted off the watercolors and gave it a shot.

It's been a long time since I painted a picture.  I did a couple watercolor tags last year for Tag Tuesday, but for a number of reasons my watercolors are now used for coloring papers for collage or backgrounds for tags and cards.  It was kind of fun to try a picture again, and yes, I can tell I'm out of practice.  Think I still prefer collage work for now.



  1. Oh that is so cool. I love it. The sunshine is really lit up the snow. I think it is a great likeness of my photo.

  2. I also was inspired by the original photograph. You have done well, Diane. I hope you continue to do both.

  3. Great job Lydia, I love how you portrayed the snow, and the shades of blue.

    Wonderful to see you inspired by Lori's gorgeous photo. It's doubling the pleasure for us readers.


  4. Coming by from "Family Trees" to see the water color. Very nice!!!

  5. Really nice, Diane. You should paint more.

  6. Hi Diane,

    Kudos to you! Your watercolour a wonderful creation. Doesn't it feel amazing to be inspired AND then to put it into practice?