Monday, March 28, 2016

Photo Challenge

One of the online scrapbook stores has a gallery that runs monthly challenges. This month I decided to participate in the "Take That Shot" challenge. A list of 20 different subjects are given. I managed to come up with 17. Not bad. It was like a photo scavenger hunt-- fun to do on a sunny day. I thought I'd share my photos-- what would you shoot?

1. Rain (I didn't get this one-- fine with me!)
2. Sunrise (didn't get this one either-- not up early enough on a Saturday which is also fine with me!)

3. Nest

4. Buds On Tree

5. Flower-- I showed this shot last week too.

6. Umbrella

7. Bird-- yes, another duplicate from last week

8. Bunny

9. Easter Basket

10. Lily-- I know, these are lily leaves; that was the best I could do.

11. Easter Eggs

12. Puddles (I didn't get this one; see #1)
13. Kite

14. Something Purple

15. A Cross

16. The Word Easter

17. Something Yellow

18. Something Pink

19. Grass (I know-- not too exciting, but it is nice to see green grass this time of year)

20. Peeps

Just in case you're thinking I have way too much time on my hands, I did have my daughter help. She set up some of the shots, found something pink, etc. It was a fun activity!

Have a nice day-- planning on taking any pictures??


  1. Is that a Rubik's cube (#17)? What a fun challenge and a great way to spend time with family. Hope you had a pleasant holiday!

  2. Fun! I've been doing something similar on Instagram for National Craft Month, Sizzix posted a list of prompts for the month. I started out strong but have fizzled badly this last week LOL! Deb xo