Monday, March 7, 2016

Must Be Spring

Spring sort of snuck up on me this year. Our winter wasn't too bad for once so we weren't longing for Spring for what seemed an eternity. All of a sudden, I've seen green. My neighbor's snowdrops are blooming!

Daffodils, about four inches high already.

Resurrection lilies

 Day lilies-- and, no, I haven't cleaned out any gardens yet.

This is the last of the snow in my yard, about a foot long.

They are predicting 60s this week so that snow will disappear. Pretty soon it will be time to plant!

Have a nice a Monday!


  1. Getting warmer here this week. Dewdrops crocus and Daffidils sticking their little heads up. Enjoy!

  2. We had our windows open today - Heavenly!! Enjoy your week.

  3. Oh lucky you, our snow is nearly gone but no sign of flowers yet, soon I hope! Enjoy your Spring blooms.