Sunday, December 1, 2013

Xmas Cards for December

Hello! Can it really be December???  I turned over my calendar today so I guess so. I still am not ready to return to "regular" blogging, but thought for the month of December I'd share vintage Christmas postcards and greeting cards from my humble collection.  I have a shoebox's worth. They span about 110 years!! I plan to post one every day until Christmas.  From Christmas to New Year's, I'll share New Year's cards.  Just posting one picture sounds do-able. So here is card #1:

Enjoy this busy season!


  1. Vintage Christmas cards is a cool idea.
    sounds very do-able! I'm looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Love the vintage Christmas cards and postcards, they seem to embody the true meaning of the season so much more than their modern counterparts. Can't wait to see the rest of your collection and I'm feeling the same way about it being December already, yikes! Deb

  3. Great idea! I've seen both and they're both cute!