Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Postcard, Red Sky

Yet another postcard today. This one, too, looks rather Christmas-y and Mary Engelbreit-y.

Getting that resolutions list together???


  1. I think it's that I love cottages! That seems to be the theme of your cards I pick as favorites, well, cottages and birds. I don't usually make resolutions, do you? In the last few years, I've heard of people choosing a word as their theme or inspiration or prayer for the year and I'm thinking about that, but what word? Now there's a big choice!

  2. Good Morning! Thanks for posting another one of those sweet little cottages. I would have thought it was a Christmas card had it not said New Year. I can see how Mary E. would be inspired by looking at these darling cottages.

    And no resolutions list for me this year :) LOL Have a wonderful day, I'm off to get my coffee!

  3. I'm on the fence on whether my resolutions list will go public tomorrow. I set so many goals and lists forever! ;D Very beautiful card, I'm a sucker for red-sky depictions in any medium.

  4. Well, if you go public, that's probably a better way to stick to them. I usually bypass altogether!

  5. I don't so much think of setting Resolutions as much as choosing a 'word' for the year and letting it be my focus.
    Like this one, it does look rather Christmas-y !