Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Thrifts

I was all set to write a pathetic post about the lack of finds at garage sales and thrifts stores around here lately.  I hit about 10 garage sales in the last two weeks, and this was my only purchase (with the exception of my daughter's must haves).  A nifty old carpet beater.

A down-right steal at 50 cents.  Wow.

It's already hanging above my basement stairwell.

Then yesterday, a visit to my local thrift store netted some good finds at good prices too.  Some old games:

1970s looking s & p shakers.  Marked "Japan" on the bottom.

And a large (4 qt) Pyrex bowl.  It may shock a lot of bloggers to know that I have very little Pyrex. Two small, red refrigerator dishes that belonged to my grandmother-in-law and a square, clear (well, once clear) baking dish that was my grandmother's is the extent of my Pyrex.  I'm not sure if I'll keep this bowl or not.  It is really cool, but I have very little kitchen storage space.  We'll see.

So a planned whining post turned out better than expected.  Linking to The Thrifty Groove with some welcome thrifts!

Have a good one out there!


  1. The carpet beater looks to be in excellent condition. Glad you said what it was because I had no idea and would have walked right past that treasure.

  2. I can't believe how the 'mushroom' motif seems to be coming back around.
    I found an Arnel Mushroom motif soup bowl...I was going to sell, but I keep it on my desk now with odds and ends in it!
    The Pyrex is nice too. I have big one like that ...not pink (harvest gold)
    If you sell it will probably go pretty quickly- those are hot too!
    That rug beater? I absolutely love...I'm assuming your laundry is in your basement? Cool decor...just about anywhere. :)


  3. Great finds, Diane. We just have to keep at it. Sometimes there is so little and then we will suddenly fins a lot. xo Laura

  4. Love the carpet beater! What a find. We are going to a town garage sale near Erie on Saturday. Wish me luck!!

  5. Never give up! You just never know when you'll find something on your wish list! I love those cute games! Looks like the ones my boys played! Hugs!

  6. At least you came home with something, more than I've found!

  7. You found some awesome things. Love the S&P, seems mushrooms are back! Now I love that Pyrex bowl and the Pink Gooseberry is a very popular pattern. Thanks for sharing at TTF this week.


  8. I love that bowl, whether you sell it or keep it! And I remember that game Pit from my childhood...blast from the past!

  9. You found some good goodies! Congratulations! I haven't been able to go to yard sales or thrifting lately, but hope to soon. Don't you just know there's good stuff out there that we're missing when we don't go?!?