Friday, June 28, 2013

Authentic Flower Power

Are you ready for this?  Doesn't it knock your eye out? I spotted the tie hanging amidst the clearance rack at my local thrift store. One glimpse, and I made a bee line straight for it. There's nothing like flower power fabric from the hippie era. Modern manufacturers don't quite cut it when they try to replicate the old, mod designs. 

It's handmade, a jumpsuit in case you weren't seeing that, in a small size.  I tried it on, and it's rather short. Maybe it was made for a young miss or teen; neither of which I qualify for.

And if one wasn't enough... Not as funky, this one is also handmade.  My daughter likes it and wants to keep it to play dress-up. I'm almost embarrassed to announce they each cost 25 cents!

Strangely enough, my mother made herself a jumpsuit very similar to the blue one back in the early 70s. It was navy blue with little flowers and a kind of patchwork design.  I thought it was very cool.

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Have a nice Friday!


  1. They are things of beauty! Love that declarative flower power suit!

  2. Thanks, Van! They are pretty cool; rare too!

  3. Very thrifty and VERY Groovy!! I love the fabrics! What a sweet and fun find! Thanks for linking to TTF this week.


  4. Love that flower power fabric. My mom wall papered her sewing room in the 70's with orange and brown flower power wall paper - it was awesome!

  5. Very groovy.....I LOVED the 70's. Lived in CA and was a hipster....skateboarded, boogie boarded, was a very fun time and I had many a jumpsuit.

  6. Very cool and neat! Love the bright bold colors! They are FUN!!!