Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wacky Pack Wednesday

Welcome to my first themed post.  While blog hopping, I've noticed lots of daily themes.  Since I have quite a collection of Wacky Packs and feel there is a real lack of satire in today's world, I decided there should be a "Wacky Pack Wednesday."

So what are Wacky Packs?  If you are Wacky Pack deprived, read on--  Wacky Packages were produced by Topps from 1967-2008.  Their heyday was the early 70s during which most of mine were made.  Wackys are stickers the size of baseball cards and were sold in a similar manner; several in a pack along with a chalky, pink stick of gum which I never tried to chew.  Each sticker is a pretty funny parody of a familiar product.

If you are dying for more Wacky info, Wikipedia has a lot and there are several websites devoted to Wacky Packages.

For the record, most of mine were purchased at a local Ben Franklin (dime store) and a local liquor store that also sold candy.

To get the most out of your Wacky experience, be sure to read the fine print.

I chose this one as my first post because it was my first one!  And how do I remember this 500 years later?  I actually wrote "1st one" on the back (so much for "mint condition!").


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