Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vintage Flamingos

When I started this blog, I planned to post vintage pieces every once in a while.  I suddenly realized I haven't done that yet (been too busy going through Wacky Packages!  Ha, ha...).  So here, finally, is a vintage post.

This pair of flamingos belonged to my grandmother.  When she broke up housekeeping, they were among the very few things no relatives wanted.  Hmm... Left behind in an empty china cabinet, my mom and I rescued them.  Now they are mine.  I had them in storage for several years, thinking them kind of kitschy and not my style, but a couple of years ago I got them out and have enjoyed them ever since.  The sublte colors are kind of pretty.  They now reside on the top of my bathroom cabinet.

You can probably see the taller one was broken at one time.  This is how my mom and I found it.  The repair job isn't half bad-- more than likely done by my detail-minded grandfather.


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  1. I LOVE pink flamingos. Uncle Paul and I have been exchanging pink flamingos at Christmas for many, many years. Yours are beautiful...what a treasure!!