Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday ATCs

Hello!  I haven't been doing as much crafting as usual lately but did manage several Christmas themed ATCs, using old postage stamps. Do you remember any of these? I must admit I do not, but then again, that's probably not something that sticks in your mind. Notice the prices??

These and a few others are for sale in my Etsy shop so technically I should call them ACEOs.  "ATC" is okay among friends though.

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us!!!


  1. Oh these posts always make me want to get crafting! So much work to catch-up on!

  2. Yes, these look familiar to me. I don't collect stamps, but I came from a family of Postal Carriers! So I do recognize some of the older stamps!
    Crazy, I know...but these are sure cute. I forget what ATC means I'm good with it. :)
    ...glad to seeing posting periodically, Pat

  3. Those are wonderful Diane, love the retro feel. Amazing how the price to mail a letter has changed! Deb

  4. These turned out so pretty. I've always wanted to make Christmas cards or tags...these are even more fun!