Saturday, April 14, 2012

Playing Cards

I have a modest collection of vintage "swap" playing cards.  That is how I started making note cards since I had some playing cards I didn't want to keep.  I thought there had to be something "crafty" I could do with them.  Well, shoe boxes full of note cards later, I branched out to tags, plaques, bookmarks, and here I am today. All thanks to old playing cards.  

If you've never given playing cards much thought (I hadn't), you'll be surprised at the hundreds, thousands, of different designs.  Here is a pair of happy birds from the "Have A Nice Day" 70s.

Below are two note cards I made from playing cards.

I will post more "neat-o" playing cards now and then.



  1. Hi Lydia,
    The bird cards are so cute and I like what you are doing with playing cards. You've set me thinking now.
    I have a box of Charlie & Lola cards that the children play with, but I love them for myself really.
    One I Made Earlier Today

  2. Sorry slip of the hand there I meant Diane.
    Have a good weekend x