Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Little Things

I haven't shown much in my new dollhouse in quite a long time (which is probably how I started the last dollhouse post). I made a (non-working-- let's not get carried away) roman shade in the bedroom that I have yet to do anything else with except paint it blue.

Decorated the front quite a bit. Added everything you see. I made the mailbox which doesn't show up too well here, but bought everything else. Kind of hard to make a gold eagle.

The local dollhouse store is closing its doors soon (the owner is retiring) so I bought a couple things on sale, including this little train.

Also picked up a sale nightstand which I put under the window. Bought a cat in a bed, and made the two wooden vases out of a weird, vintage bead that I cut in half.

Last time I mentioned I was going to try this wooden flooring that is printed right off the internet. It turned out pretty nice. I just taped it here and there underneath. If you wanted something more permanent (and probably better looking), you could Mod Podge it down. I might even do that some century.

So there you have it. No immediate plans for more projects, but I should really pop in to the dollhouse store one last time before it's too late.



  1. Years ago, I made little room vignettes so I totally understand your love of your doll house which is just adorable!

  2. Oh I like peeking inside your sweet doll house and seeing all the pretty things. The wood floor looks very nice! I still have 'doll house' on my wish list! It would be fun! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  3. Very cute! Love the Front door. The hardwood floors look wonderful. There are a lot of Internet sites that have miniatures. I used to have a neighbor that did them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Super cute, love the floors and all the fun miniatures.

    Hugs Diane

    1. From one Diane to another: Thank you!

  5. How fun Diane. You definitely should go back to the miniature store before they close. There isn't a lot of those stores still in business anymore. Your house looks cute.


  6. It's looking great Diane! I admire your patience and ability to work that small, it drives me to distraction (and usually to drink!) working that small.