Saturday, September 27, 2014

Shower Curtain Art?

This is one of the more clever themes I've seen in years-- "Shower Time." Shopping Our Stash wants crafters and artists to use their shower curtain as inspiration. Kind of fun, no? I actually feel a little guilty because my shower curtain, believe it or not, is sort of collagey and arty. Sorry this picture isn't any better-- my bathroom is so narrow, this was the best I could manage without taking it down.

So here is my project: a tag that doesn't look as good as the original, but it was still fun to make.

Have a great day!


  1. What a cool curtain! And that tag is beautiful! I'm happy we could inspire you. Thanks for joining us at Shopping Our Stash!

  2. How cute! Everyone loves owls. Enjoy your weekend my friend! Hugs!

  3. What an adorable tag. I just love it. Great job as usual. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Warm here today.

  4. That's awesome! Did you draw the owl yourself? Its adorable with the graphic flowers. I visited another blogger who did this same challenge. Since we remodeled our bathroom in June and bought a new shower curtain, perhaps I need to try this.

  5. uh!
    Wow. You did such a great job on this tag and shower curtain recreation.
    mine would be oh so boring. it is just a patchwork looking shower curtain...but this! You got the colors and the details...right down to print...text .
    Good one.

  6. I love your shower curtain and your tag interpretation of it!!! AWESOME!!
    Thanks for joining the crew at Shopping Our Stash this week for the "Shower Time" challenge!!

  7. Awesome shower curtain and fabulous tag, the owl is perfect. Thanks for playing along with us at Shopping our Stash for the Shower Time challenge.

    1. Thank you! That was one terrific theme.

  8. ok, well, i'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you on the subject of your tag not being as cool as the curtain!!! b/c whereas the curtain is definitely fab... the tag is waaaaaaaaaay better! i love the way you've captured every element of it in a way that's true to the original, but works PERFECTLY for your own design! this is so awesome, i can tell you were really inspired! (i was, too, for this one, at first i thought, "SHOWER CURTAIN??!?!" but then when i started looking at my own and the other DT i realized that they really are little panels of waterproof graphic design!!!) <3 <3 <3

  9. Love this tag! It is a literal translation from the curtain to the paper. Awesome. I bet your tag will look super cool to you when you hang it on a wine bottle, or attach it to a card. Send it me, I'lll use it! :D) Your color integration and composition is perfect. Thanks so much for accepting our challenge and submitting this great project.
    Chana, DT, SOS

  10. OMG! What a great shower curtain - and your tag that was inspired by it is beyond amazing! Thanks for joining us at Shopping Our Stash!