Saturday, February 13, 2016

While I Was Out

There is only so much a person can do while stuck in bed with a bad back. I did occupy myself with a couple of black markers for a few days. How about some zentangle style ATCs?

When I ran out of blank ATCs, I grabbed my small art journal/sketch pad; it's 4" x 6".

Once the novelty of the above wore off, I tried my hand at some blackout poetry. If you are interested, look up blackout poetry on Google-- amazing examples. I might make mine into collages or note cards.

My back is worlds better, but still not quite there yet. Thanks for all the good wishes. I appreciate it! Happy Valentine's Day too!!


  1. Oh my goodness, although I'm sorry to hear about your bad back, you've certainly been productive!! LOVE those doodles! Get better soon.

  2. I find the poetry fascinating... I'm going to check into this further! Glad your back is worlds better... Hope it continues to improve. Glad you were able to find something to occupy your time too!

  3. Wonderful"doodles"..Glad your back is headed in the right direction...Happy Valentines Day..

  4. Even when you're flat on your back, you're still creative!!!

  5. I love the black and white! These are wonderful.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for visiting.

  6. You just can't stop creating even for a minute can you! Love the zentangles and the blackout poetry is fab, hope this finds you much better Diane and a belated Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! Deb xo

  7. oof i'm sorry you've been having a bad go with your back, that is THE WORST. glad you are feeling better & sending good vibes for continued improvement! (ps: these are OUTSTANDING! love your ZT's!) ♥