Friday, January 15, 2016

The Left Handed Pitcher

My mother was left-handed and owned a pitcher just like this. It sat on a kitchen window sill for 28 years. When she passed, her two daughters let it go because they are both right-handed. Fast-forward 14 years: one of the daughters (namely "me") has a daughter who turns out to be, yes, left-handed. Ebay to the rescue. I bought this several years ago for my lefty daughter. Now if she has all right-handed children, we'll have to start this saga all over again!

Any southpaws out there???


  1. Only one I know is my step son in law..Better just keep it!! Pretty..

  2. It's pretty!
    Both my parents were lefties. My mom said lefties are in their right minds...(she thought that was so funny)
    anyway, none of us were left handed, none of my children were, but I have 2 left handed Littles!
    I like the ships on the the RIGHT side. hee-hee!

  3. oh my gosh, that's cool!!! (for the record, i'm a righty but i do some lefty things; for example, my computer's mouse is lefty & it TOTALLY freaked out the fios guy when he installed our service, i literally had to sit next to him & remind him EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.) :0

  4. My daughter is a lefty. We had to order her special guitars when she started taking guitar lessons. And I think I need to get her a special pair of scissors. The right handed ones don't work as well for her. The struggle is real!

    1. My mom always used scissors with her right hand. I'm under the impression left-handed scissors don't work so well. My daughter uses her right hand for cutting too.

  5. I never knew there were such things as left handed pitchers and love that you found one just like your Mom's for your daughter! I'm decidedly right handed but my hubby is ambidextrous, wish I was too as I'm quite useless if I have to try and do something left handed! Deb xo

  6. Aww, so cute!!! It's good that you're keeping up the tradition!!