Saturday, January 31, 2015

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Did you know today is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day?  Me either, but I was (believe it or not) contacted by the marketing director for Patience Brewster (whose work is very inspiring!) about posting something about it so I agreed. The idea is to soak up some form of art today; go to a museum or gallery, even a concert. Frankly, I'm never at a loss for creativity; I'm one of those unfortunate souls who "cannot not create" something-- I'd rather do that than eat. However, since the internet and blogging have been around, I have found a wealth of inspiration.

 I otherwise would probably not know of "Smashing."

Or inchies

Or altered tags

Or mail art


So if you are stuck for inspiration, it's probably no farther away than your computer. You can "google" any of what I mentioned and find many examples; try their "images" option. Flickr is a good place to search too.

Enjoy your day-- get inspired!!


  1. I'm going off-topic, but I've been meaning to ask you how you came up with the title "Lydia's Post" for your blog since your name's Diane.

  2. I'd never heard of it either until I saw the post at Unruly Paper Arts about 'Inspire your heart' day , but glad I know now! The net is an amazing resource, isn't it? I've learned so much online from talented folks such as yourself, like who in the heck Patience Brewster is LOL!