Sunday, November 23, 2014

Totally Random

I only had a couple posts drafted, and both of those are artsy stuff that I seem to be showing a lot lately.  I wanted to give readers a break from that but really had nothing else to share.  So I went to my photo file from the last four months and just pulled some pictures. Below is the portion of an old, probably 1910s, church group photo. Believe it or not, it contains two of my great-grandmothers, one great-great grandmother, and one great-aunt of mine. I shot it to email to my cousin.

Sedum in my back yard.

A mixed media (watercolor and marker) my daughter did for a school project. The theme was: "The World Would Be A Better Place If..." It was up to the students to finish the sentence. My daughter's idea was, "there were more smiley faces." Nice thought!


Fall trees

And, yes, I started making Valentine cards for the Etsy shop.

Have a nice day!


  1. Your daughter is very artistic too! Beautiful card! And Arthur looks like he couldn't care less what's happening. How cute!

  2. Handsome Arthur soaking up the sun...Love the old pictures..I just went thru some of mine but haven't written the post yet..Happy Sunday!!

  3. Sometimes it's just hard to think up a post!! You did good!!!

  4. I love old family photos. I need to scan some more of mine. I was looking at art journals...or smash journals on Etsy today and thought about you. You make the neatest pages. I'm in the mood to do some Christmas pages! Hugs!

  5. ooooooooh! so many varied goodies, it's like a t-giving feast of photos! :) of course you KNOW my fave is the darling daughter's creation... clearly mom's talent is already visible... (& i agree about the smiley faces, as well!)