Thursday, October 9, 2014

Painting Saga Epilogue

Anyone who read my blog this summer knows my husband and spent (too much) time painting our living room, dining room, and a couple of halls. I thought I'd share some of the results.

Here is the piece of art that started it all back in place against the new green, and do me a favor: ignore the outlet on the far right.

This is a wall in the dining room that adjoins the green wall in the living room; they are separated by a large arch. Does that make sense?

The image above and this one below are the same wall separated by a doorway. My sister did the scratchboards (black and white pictures) many years ago. You can see some of my dog statues on a shelf my grandfather made for my mother back in the 50s when she began the infamous dog collection.

This is a corner in the living room. I wanted to show how the blue and white look together. And, of course, I wanted to show off my high-end Target light.

This is the same wall at the other end. There is a large window in the center. The black shelf is a garage sale purchase many years ago. It's probably a kitchen shelf, but don't tell anyone.

And looky what I found at the thrift store-- an old 1970s "antique" sign. Hard to see here, but there is a little blue on it.

Thanks for viewing. And let me say, I am soooooo glad the painting is DONE!!


  1. Your art and special treasures look so good with that color as the background. I think I see a printer's tray, too! Groovy! Hugs!

  2. I love walls that are filled with eclectic art! Good job. Funny thing about the target lamp, which is super cute btw. For myself, a former interior designer, I love to mix things up. I have a $4000 sofa and a coffee table that I found at a thrift shop, I have other very pricey items and I have items that I dumpster dived for. It keeps things interesting and unique. I never want my space to look like a cookie cutter builders show house. You also have done a nice job of mixing things up. And that Target lamp proves it!

    1. I've always mixed up my decorating with original art, family pieces, and second hand finds. That's what makes your space "yours!" Thanks for the nice comment.

  3. Raising job Diane I love the way you have things mixed up. The box that your grandfather made looks like an old typeset Box.Love it. Hope you're having a good day.

  4. I like your colors - they are my favorites.

  5. All the hard work paid off, it looks very nice!

    I like your high end Target light!

  6. I LOVE IT! The green and turquoise go splendid together!
    I like all the artwork and can see with your sister's drawings and your grandfathers curvy corner shelf and you mom's collections...where you come from! Did you grandfather paint the shelf white? Was just curious...
    If you weren't afraid to paint it... the portion against the white wall blends-- you could paint it green, with a reverse affect. That's just me... I like it either way... very artsy!
    and yes, your lamp... goes well in that room for sure.
    It reminds me of my swags!

  7. All your hard work payed off Diane, it looks wonderful! Love the'70's sign!