Thursday, February 20, 2014

Calamity Jane

Another entry for the Kaisercraft Saturday Sketch (Feb. 2014 #2). This is a copy photo of a dog I owned many years ago. I got her at an animal shelter when she was about seven months old. No one knows her heritage; definitely some Beagle in there, and probably some Lab too.  She was a real character.

I am usually very good about writing names and dates on the backs of photos, but somehow this one escaped me hence the info on the tag.

Happy Thursday!


  1. what a cutie!
    and a good plug for the shelter... people need to be reminded to spay and neuter and Oh if you're looking for a companion there is probably a sweet pup like this one ALSO LOOKING FOR A COMPANION... :)

    I like the colors on this grouping...great job.

  2. Lucky dog and probably a great addition to your life...Thanks for adopting her..

  3. What a cute pup and how lucky she was to have found your loving home. Calamity Jane, love it!