Thursday, January 2, 2014

Questions, Questions

Hello, all!  I am trying to figure out blog goals, ideas, etc. for 2014, and I would appreciate your input. Not that I'll necessarily follow it... Ha, ha... So think about the following:

Does anyone besides me like seeing the Wacky Package stickers?

Would you prefer the paper art work and challenge submissions be on a separate blog?

Do photo heavy posts bug you?  Would you prefer that kind of post be divided up?

Do you like receiving email replies to comments?  Would replying right on my post be acceptable? Do you even care about replies?

How often do you like to see new posts?  (I doubt I will go back to every day.)

Any other suggestions?? Things you like or don't like?

Thanks to anyone who helps out, and remember, if I don't get any feedback, it's all up to me! Now there's a threat!

As a small "thank you" here is a picture of Rhody in her new winter coat. She has been shivering when out in the cold, and I, for one, am amazed that she is very good about wearing it.


  1. Rhody looks very fine in her winter coat! I think you just need to make your blog something that makes YOU happy. After all, if everyone's blogs were the same, it would be boring.

  2. The doggie is too cute :D I like daily weekday posts personally or even every single day because I'd go back and read weekend ones during the week. I never mind photo-heavy posts. I think you should write whatever excites you the post to publish, those always make the best posts. Good luck into 2014!

  3. Thanks! I appreciate your advice! Best of luck to you too!

  4. I could never blog every day, I would feel so bogged under - that is a lot of work!

    I like to try to respond to anyone that comments on my blog, in an email, so I like that feature! I like that you do that too!!

    Your blog should be what is easiest for you and makes you happiest - good luck on your future posts!!!

  5. Rhody looks quite fashionable in her new coat, she is so cute!

    As for the blog, I have to agree with GardenOfDaisies - do whatever you are happiest with. I love posts about anything vintage. I don't know how much time you have available for blogging - but if you start a separate blog for the paper art work, it will be harder to maintain 2 blogs. Replies are always welcome, but also can be time consuming. If you choose to do replies, maybe answering on the blog will save you some time. I love reading posts as often as you can make them. I am sure whatever you decide on will be great! :)

  6. I like the vintage stuff too - and lots of pictures. I try to reply to everyone who comments but sometimes I can't. One blog is easier to maintain than two. I help tony with his blog and it's time consuming to do 2 blogs. I try to shoot for 3 days a week posting and that's pretty manageable for me most of the time.

  7. Hey there...chiming in on this one.
    These are things I like about your blog posts: (in no certain order)
    ~I like seeing the vintage ephemera. The Wacky Packs were fun! as were the Christmas and New Year Cards. I just love seeing all that.
    ~I also like the tags that you create and the art collage pages...
    ~I like your ETSY. I click over to your store and periodically check to see which of them are selling too...(1.) Cause that amazes me! (2.) Cause I'm a stinker, like that. LOL!
    ~ I like that your a regular publisher. I can't say that frequency doesn't matter to me; because it does. I have seen blogs where they pretty much seem abandoned and I loved following them, but the author is no longer blogging, no longer responding to emails, etc. So... I hope you don't wait that long between posts.
    ~I like the email responses. However, I've come to recognize that a few bloggers ARE threading responses into their comments section. I have to try and remember to come back for further reading. But, I'm learning. :) Honestly, I like reading comments on other peoples blogs too. SO THAT CHOICE IS UP TO YOU. (but you should announce it and put a note on the sidebar a while so people will remember if you change to that format) I say, try that out. It's something I'm thinking of doing myself. (I have more thoughts on that subject; but I'll stop there)

    I have tried the 2 blog content and format and it is just too much, especially with the etsy. I can barely keep up as it is. You may be more organized and task-minded and can do it. I for one CAN NOT! choice.

    Oh and one other thing on frequency-- I am trying to grow my blog so that I can at least get a check from Google every now and then; I have personally found that by post everyday and including links to some of my own previous posts... it helps.
    Hope that helps. For what it's worth...about .02¢


  8. PS:
    Rhody is styling! I like the safety yellow too.

  9. Ha..Overthinking the blog thing?? Maybe I should do some of that..I just wing it..Hate those letters and numbers that you have to type..I take a lot of pictures and hopefully I can find a little something to say about some of them..I want it to be fun..No pressure..I guess I get a little tired of all the "how to do stuff" blogs..Guess it's because I don't do all that stuff..No need for it..I like vintage and personal blogs..Anything goes generally...Aren't you glad you asked???..

  10. Well I am way late answering but here's my two cents worth!
    - I think the wacky packs are hilarious, leave them in!
    - keep everything on one blog if you can, I have a hard enough time visiting as it is (as evidenced by my answering this post on January 9th!)
    - the more pictures the better in my books, love looking at your photographs
    - anyway you want to reply to comments is fine with me; it does become a time issue if you try to reply to each comment privately
    - once again, whatever works for you in regards to posting frequency is just fine; I don't get around to everyone's blogs but once a week or so and catch up on all the new posts at that time
    Love your blog and your posts Diane and can't wait to see what you share with us in 2014! Deb