Sunday, October 6, 2013

Old Pattern

Actually, I should change that post title because if this pattern is old then that makes me old too.  I just happened on this awhile back on Etsy. It's a sewing pattern, and it just happens to be the same pattern I used to make my high school graduation dress!  That was a surprise to see. I made the short version and used a pale green dotted Swiss with white trim.  I wanted pink, but the store didn't have enough-- there was a lot of fabric in that skirt, so I settled for green. I wore that dress a couple of times after graduation then passed it along to my (younger) sister-in-law years later who probably never wore it.
Ahh, memories...

Have a nice day out there!


  1. Very cute pattern. I would make it today for I don't think it is old at all. But I am old-fashioned I guess. What a find on Etsy!

  2. Your graduation dress was pretty nice! My Mom made mine, it wasn't nearly as stylish as yours!

  3. This looks like a dress my sorority used for Rush one year. We made them out of pink taffeta and I loved that dress!

  4. Love it, I bet you looked very beautiful. Sometimes I wish some of those lovely dresses would still be up to date nowadays ... :-D Have a great week, Suzanne