Saturday, August 31, 2013

Arthur Layout

As promised, this next layout finally uses a current pet picture, although the picture is almost a year old already. My Mastiff, Arthur, napping with his favorite Teddy bear, is the subject of this simple collage. I used the Kaisercraft Saturday Sketch (#5 August '13), and am just sneaking it in since this is the last day of August.  How did that happen?

In other news, yesterday had to be the hottest day of the entire summer. Rather appalling considering the date. Today is supposed to be much more normal.  Good.
Enjoy your last day of August!


  1. Arthur certainly looks like a happy fellow!! Stay cool!!

  2. I can't remember in which part of the country you live...but I can say, we call that a COOL FRONT here! :)
    Now as to the Mr. Arthur (the Mastiff) is he an English Mastiff? or what? My daughter and son in law just bought one in June (I think) her name is "Peaches"...she takes special food, special care while growing, not too many stairs, soft bed, etc. Like having a baby!
    But she is so cuddly and soft. She's a PEACH!
    ...Have you had Arthur since he was a pup?

  3. We get those kind of temps here, in fact I remember when we used to visit in September and it was that hot...laughing over the above comment..cold front, snort.


  4. thanks for joining in Sat sketch at Kaisercraft blog, love your take on the sketch :)