Sunday, June 23, 2013

How Charming

My mother had a charm bracelet from way back, the 1950s or maybe even late 40s. I'm happy to say it has survived.  It's quite full of interesting charms.

A trailer.

A doghouse, complete with a Scottie.

The first aid kit opens to reveal actual gauze.

Even the kitchen sink!

I never saw my mom wear it, but us kids always loved to look at it when we were exploring her jewelry box.  Pretty nifty.

Have a charming day!


  1. I still have my old charm bracelet from the '60s and treasure it! Some of the charms look very similar. How special to have it to enjoy! My post showing mine is here if you missed it...
    Sweet hugs...enjoy your day!

  2. How many, many interesting charms. What a treasure!! Have a great Sunday!!

  3. I have my old charm bracelet too and am seriously considering making a new one. I've seen some interesting, lovely and/or artful ones on the internet. I think I'm inspired. Do you wear the bracelet often? Love it!

  4. That is a real treasure. I still have mine fm the 60's too. I think I might have done a blog post on mine too