Friday, May 11, 2012

Good Things Come In BIG Packages

For the last two months my family and I have considered adopting another dog to be a friend for Rhody who loves our neighbor dogs.  Nowadays pet shelters have online websites that post photos of available pets (that can be dangerous for soft-hearted folks like me!). For two weeks or more, my husband and I kept checking a local shelter to view a photo of this big guy.

He is a six and a half (or so) year old Mastiff.  We finally contacted the shelter, and they said he is the nicest dog.  Well... they were soooooo right!  We adopted him last weekend, and it seems as if he has been here his whole life.  He gets along beautifully with Rhody and our entire family.  He is a real gem!  Don't think I'm simply a gushing new pet owner.  I've been around a lot of pets in my life and am just reporting a fact: he really is Mr. Perfect.

By the way, we named him Arthur Romcroft Prince.
Enjoy (we sure are!)!

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  1. I came over from the teddy bear Post on Arthur.... I'll say it again your are such a handsome boy Arthur and you look so happy in your new home!! Rhody seems so happy to see you too!! sure looks like you two will become best buddies... Hugs May x x x