Monday, March 12, 2012


Time to introduce a member of the family, Rhody Jane Vixen.

Rhody is an eleven-month-old Black and Tan Coonhound. My family adopted her from a shelter just three months ago so she is still the "new kid" which is a kind way of saying "ding-a-ling puppy." She is learning fairly fast, however, and has come a long way in that short time. Coonhounds have definite traits such as standing up, quite straight, against tree trunks. This talent is easily transferred to kitchen counters. Her long ears dip in her water dish, her tail wags in circles, she stands up on her toes, and like most women is easily frustrated when she doesn't get her way. Her breed also walks through any bush, weed, or bramble. I have little hope for my flower gardens this year. And if you have never heard a Coonhound bark (or "bay"), your ears don't know what they are missing! I think we should have named her Ethel Merman as she would have no trouble reaching the back of any theater. Right now my neighbors think this is funny; we'll see how long the joke lasts!


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