Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Card

My husband (the computer expert) and I (the computer flunky) came up with a new business card for our Etsy shop.  I was running low on cards as I always tuck one into a sold order and was going to order more, but then it dawned on me: I'm an artist, husband knows all the computer stuff, why am I ordering from another company??? So below are the results.

I'm pleased with it.  I'm sure in a year or so, I'll think of something "better."

Have a nice rest of the weekend!


  1. It's wonderful Diane, great collaboration! Deb

  2. I love this one. I should create some myself rather than order. I love yours--it certainly says "YOU" all over it. :) Pat

  3. Love the design! Augh, I haven't come up with my new business card design yet. Need to get ON IT!

  4. Nice work done by you. Business card looks something unique...

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Beautiful card.