Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lab Collage

Here I am with yet another layout for Kaisercaft's Saturday Sketch Challenge (Aug #2). And yet another photo of my old Labrador. In this digital age, I never get actual prints of my current dogs and so keep using old photos.  I did get after my husband, however, and next time I'll have a newer photo to work with. In the mean time, I did enjoy making this one.

Do you print photos or do they only live in Digital Land too?

Have a nice start to the week!


  1. Mine are all out in cyberspace..Saves ink!!..Cute collage

  2. Sweet doggie collage! I keep most of my new pics in the computer but, every once in awhile, I choose the best ones and have copies made at the pharmacy, only when they offer prints for ten cents. I'm cheap! The deal is I must have over 100 prints made, so it takes me some time to gather my favorites. Then I scrapbook the prints. Needless to say, I'm behind on that. I have a spare hard drive where I keep my pictures, etc., "just in case."