Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aunt Lu Layout

Another entry for Kaisercraft's Saturday Sketch Challenge (July #3). This is a copy of a family photo. The little girls are my aunts (my mother was not on the scene yet). Shirley, on the left, is the aunt who made the Raggedy Ann and granny dolls posted here.  Norma, on the right, is still among us at 91. She remembers an "Aunt Lu" but never knew how she fit into the family.  By the look of her, I'm guessing she was my grandmother's aunt or more likely great-aunt.  If I'm right that would make her my great-great-great aunt! And by the look of her, I'm glad I did not inherit her figure!

Love the fashions.  How about those pearls on Lu and the little necklace Shirley is wearing?  Cute!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a nice layout for these old photos. I love those pearls, too. I finally finished a couple of pages in my journal to share tomorrow. I'm not as talented as you are! But it's fun!

  2. Old photos like this are such a treasure.

  3. Love Aunt Lu and her young charges, wonderful layout Diane and a great remembrance of family.

  4. Love the old photos and the history. I am so glad you have such wonderful stories and pictures of your family's past.