Saturday, June 15, 2013

Raggedy Ann and Friend

About a month ago I posted about two dolls my great-grandmother made.  That spurred Pat at Corn In My Coffee Pot to post her dolls.  Since she showed a Raggedy Ann doll in her collection, I decided to show mine.

It was made by my aunt, about 1970, especially for me.  The dress and bloomers are made from the same fabric as a dress my mom made for me at about that time. I don't know if that was intentional or they exchanged fabric scraps at some point.

And, yes, like a true Raggedy Ann, she has a heart.

While we're on the subject, the same aunt made this granny doll for me a year or two later.  She has bloomers under there too.  All those years ago, I named her Winifred since that was my aunt's middle name, and, no, my aunt was not too fond of "Winifred."

So, tag, Pat!  You're it!

Linking to Mockingbird Hill Cottage with two favorite dolls.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Very nice. The older version to the two years ago.

    I can relate to the first version of Raggedy Ann.

    My niece had the first one you show her Great Grandmother made her.

  2. Oh how cute! I have two has a heart and one doesn't. I've thought about stitching one on there. Can't be having unrequited love with these little dolls.
    The granny doll is so cool, too. Love the braids.

    thanks for the tag-- Pat

  3. The heart makes it all! :-) Happy Sunday. Regula

  4. In answer to your question of "dogs on the bed" in my post about my grandmother's bedspread, you're right ... no dog on the bed. :)

  5. Beautiful dolls to cherish... The heart says it all.. Beautiful work by your Aunt...Hugs May x x x

  6. These are fantastic! And it is hard to make a doll! I have just been figuring that out, lol...I just did a post the other day about my not too happy adventures in doll making

    I love that granny doll with her hat. And Raggedy Ann looks store bought she is so well done. Amazing! :)

  7. Beautiful dolls....your aunt did VERY beautiful work. My granddaughter wanted a doll that looked like her a couple of years back, so I made her one. It was ALOT of work but turned out so cute!! She loved it....and I sent it to her in a girl scout
    Have a great day!!

  8. What a neat aunt you had! Having something lovingly handmade like these two precious dolls is priceless. They look well loved.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  9. I never had a Raggedy Ann -- yours is cute and special that she had a dress like yours! My mother did that too -- she sewed for me a lot and often made clothes for my baby doll from the same fabric. I think Winifred is a perfect name for your other doll!

  10. What a sweet gift from your Aunt. So glad that you still have them! (My favorite doll was Raggedy Andy.)