Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mom and Grandma

For Kaisercraft's Saturday Sketch #4 (5-2013), I made this layout of my mother (on the left) and her mother, my grandmother.  My mom made the suit she is wearing. She hung onto that suit forever even though she didn't wear it anymore.  My sister still has it-- she doesn't wear it either.  Sentiment makes us do odd things!

Where is May going by the way???  Have a good day!


  1. Wonderful pictures of your Mom and Grandma Diane, I love seeing them! Your Mom was a lovely seamstress, that suit looks beautiful. And yep, sentimentality makes us hang onto the darndest things, doesn't it?! Deb

  2. What a treasure having those photos. I have one with my dad, his mom, her mom and her grandfather. It is such a treasure to me. Also have one with me and my sister, my mom, grandmother and greatgrandmother. I also hold on to
    Goodbye May!!!