Friday, May 3, 2013

A Four Letter Word in the Canine Dictionary

Guest post today by Arthur the (soggy) English Mastiff:

Why is it humans have to ruin a perfectly fine Spring day by giving dogs baths?

Rhody got a bath too, but Diane didn't have her camera handy to document her misery.  Lucky hound.

So what do you do to celebrate the end of a bath? PLAY!!

Thank you, Arthur!  And I'm glad we got those baths in-- the next day was 20 degrees cooler!

Happy Friday, Folks!


  1. Cute :) I love how they roll around like crazy after a bath.

  2. Did you have any water left after the baths??? lol

  3. How funny! They look like they are ready to get dirty again...especially BOYS! haha

  4. Isn't it hilarious how they love to swim in a stinky old pond but give them a bath with fresh, clean water and you'd think it was the end of the world! Great pictures Diana, love the one of Arthur and Rhody playing after bathtime! Deb

  5. Our big dog hates baths soooo much! When he gets the idea a b-a-t-h (dirty word!), he'll move as far away as possible from the bathtub. But when he knows there's no getting away, he'll jump right in. Better that than the ignominious position of being picked up like a puppy, and possibly dropped because he's so big.

    Love your pictures!