Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kaisercraft Saturday Sketch #3 (Feb 2013)

I finished a layout for the recent Kaisercraft sketch challenge over the weekend. The people in the photo (copy) are a little hard to see, I admit, but I've always liked it. The couple on the right are my great-great grandparents (wow), the younger woman in the middle is my great-aunt who I do remember; very nice lady.  The man on the left is a bit of a mystery.  We have his name but don't know how he fits into the family tree.

Thanks, again, to Kaisercraft for their inspiration.



  1. Lovely!! I have always admired "scrapbook" type crafts but have not discovered how they would be useful to me (except for gift tags), so I have not delved into that craft as it would just be another added to my long list of loves, LOL! Cheers~

  2. Diane, that is wonderful, love it! How wonderful that you have a picture of your great great grandparents, what a treasure! Deb

  3. Love the page, we have a lot of mystery people in our family pictures too...Maybe just a neighbor!!


  4. I think your composition is lovely. I'm especially fond of how you combined the elements to have a vintage look, like the photo. The windmill stamp is excellent too as water was/is so important. In the south we usually found water for a dug well, but I could use a windmill now in Florida to keep our pond "topped up" for dry season.

  5. I love your page--it's really sweet and so eye-catching, too! Lovely composition!