Saturday, November 3, 2012

Paper World

With Hurricane Sandy this week, I felt kind of guilty, insensitive, funny... to be thinking of a "favorite thing" when so many lost their "things."  I did think of how grateful I am to have a hobby I really enjoy which also doubles as a stress equalizer-- paper crafting.  I've been an artist and crafter most of my life but have only tried my hand at collage and scrapbooking for about a year now.

I've accumulated quite a lot of supplies in that time.  Not a ton, however-- not enough storage space!

Here is my latest creation: a layout for Basic Grey's current challenge ("Stripes") of my sister's old Lab and my old Lab who were the best of pals.

So I am linking to Mockingbird Hill Cottage's "A Favorite Thing" this week with my favorite hobby and much needed diversion.



  1. I used to do a lot of painting, but now with some eye issues... I have started doing some mixed media. I've made several birthday gifts using photos and other "paper treasures" I love your work with the labs picture. These projects are so personal to the person receiving them. Nice job.

  2. Mixed media, paper art, lovely results.

  3. I have been thinking of little else than the hurricane victims this week. We experienced much of the high winds and rain but didn't have any damage. I know what you mean, posting about anything seems rather frivolous at the moment. But I'm glad you have a hobby and passion that is also a stress reducer! Good for you.
    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  4. It is good to have a hobby that brings you pleasure and how pretty your project is !

  5. I love's the only craft I do and enjoy! I agree that it's a stress reducer; you get so caught up in what you're working on.

  6. I know what you mean - I do think it is good to have a hobby/interest to divert our attention to less stressful things at times. I am looking forward to working on jewelry again, but right now to many other things going on.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment.

  7. I like your pretty papers. They look all a jumble to me-- I'm sure you know which folders hold which types of papers. You must tell us how you pick and choose which papers you'll be using for certain projects. How do you know which ones to use?
    As to keeping our minds off things-- hobbies are good for that. When you look at some creations you'll be able to say ..."I made this during THIS (fill in the blank) Time."
    It will serve as a reminder to remember! Like the rocks from the river Jordan! monuments to call to remembrance.
    :) Pat

  8. You have a wonderful gift, Diane! I love that recent collage. It must be fun saving bits and pieces, and clearly you're very creative to see the potential in them for a future piece of art. I can imagine that it must be relaxing to handle them and work on a piece.